Continual for Instagram App revisa

Waste of money.

I got this and i was immediately disappointed. It cropped it so that the video i was adding was only visible in the corner so i tried it again and it cropped it so only half of it was visible. If the creators are interested in seeing the issue they can email me and i can send them a picture of what it did. I was excited to use it but im just not happy with spending 8$ on this. Very disappointed.

Keeps locking up

This app is not splitting my videos at all. I selected a video to split, but the app locks up and does not export shorter videos. I have restarted my phone several times, but that has not helped. Very disappointed.

Error messages continually.

Cannot even upload the video. Continual error messages. Money back please!

App does not work

App does not work. Won’t even load one 15 second video to Instagram. Only gave it 1 star because I had to.

Stopped working

App stopped working two stars because it worked previously

Does split videos but

Developer, great app and does as is advertised however, it would be more helpful to number the video after the app splits them up in our phone. it is still very confusing and i can post them out of order because we now have 5 thumbnails of the video we just took. Also is there a way to make the post directly from the app to Instagram?

Refund please



It does not work... The app is keep crashing when I click “ choose” button. Please fix this issue

Nice and simple!

Cuts videos up nice and simple in segments needed!

Love this app BUT

It would be better if the ‘open Instagram’ feature would also auto post the videos. Trying to post multiple videos in sequence is tricky. Pls make an enhancement!


Does exactly what it says it will.


Se necesita en versión español.


Its just ok

Used to work. Now freezes

This app was good, though it reduced the resolution of videos. Now it freezes on use.


Paid for the full version but it does not work

Worth the value

It is worth the value and it does a fantastic job splitting videos into 15 secs snippets so I could posted them as a series of stories on my Instagram.

app crashes

For 7.99 it was disappointing. App would freeze and should not upload

Does exactly what is says with no hassle!

Very pleased with this App. Yes you have to pay, but if you are going to put video on Instagram, this is the best option. Has never crashed on me, works quickly, easy to use and no-nonsense. An excellent purchase.

Great but no access to google drive

I think the app is on the right direction, but many people record most videos and store them in either iCloud for Apple devices or Google Drive for Android. So whenever someone tries to implement the magic of Continual there is no option to open videos from Google Drive/iCloud.

So sad this doesn’t work with iOS 11

Used to be a lifesaver for me and since the software update this throws me an error every video. I hope they fix it soon because it’s been so great!

Downgrades the quality of the video

Original Video Quality gets lost in conversion. App would be perfect if it kept quality the same. Also for $8 it should automate the whole process with 1 button click. Not have me manually upload each video on instagram in the correct order

Honestly want my money back

I thought it would post directly to Instagram so I wouldn’t have to but it literally just crops the video which I could do on iMovie.


Paid 8 dollars for the app just so that it won’t work. HUGE waste of money!


I love this app I paid the full version for it but now it’s just giving me error after error if I remember correctly it was like $7 or so and it worked at first but now I can’t slice up a video longer than a minute and when it does I’ll get 5 slides in and it won’t slice up the rest :( please fix whatever it is. I’m updated to the newest version. Other than that it’s great

Video looks like VHS

This app works great but the video output looks like vhs tapes

Exports videos upside down...

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Video exports upside down, and wish I could choose the border when I prepare for no cropping rather than it just be black.

Worked at first...

But now it’s cropping my vids automatically and cutting half of the video off. Very disappointing.

Does the trick

Continual did work to break up videos into 15 sec clips for stories. It would be nice if there was someway to tell the videos apart as I keep loading them the incorrect order but otherwise it does the trick. A picture with a number between each should work well, thanks!

Its not working

After compressing the video from 1:13 to multiple 15 seconds video instagram can not upload it. Waist of money!!!

I want my money back. APP NEVER WORKED

I downloaded this and tried multiple times and it never exported my video. Feeling like this is a scam and I want a refund. This app is awful. If I could give ZERO stars I would.

Oh man this made my life so much easier!

I've been doing short vlogs for instagram story and premier pro made it hard to save into 15 second clips, then I found an app called Video Cut that let me manually choose the sequence to export (so every 15 seconds I would manually save the video - took me a good hour). With this one I just split and saved my Las Vegas Vlog (which was 6+ min long) and was able to do it SO FAST with this app. Highly recommend it! :)

Waste of time & money

I bought this app a day ago to split a 1:11 video and it keeps crashing, stopping, & saying it's exporting one clip for like four hours. Very disappointed and waste of money.

Terrible compression

The compression quality is not passable for any pro/business application. The second issue I'm seeing is that using a video with 23.98fps does not create a seamless story. I would guess they assume 30fps in their transcode which would create the frame hopping I see in between stories. Bummer that I paid money for this junk.

Quality degradation

Seriously degrades the quality of the video.

Gets the job done

Splits the video in perfect segments, and makes it easy. However I would continue using this app if the exports didn't lose the original video quality. Paid over $5 for something that doesn't suit my needs anymore.

Worked very well

I used this today for the first time. I would say it was worth the $$$. It saved me a ton of time of editing my video into 15 second increments. The only thing I noticed was my video was very loud when it was done. It could have either been my source or this app. I would suggest this to anyone looking to use the Instagram story feature. I received many compliments on my recent story where I posted a 6 minute video breakdown of a football player related to my page.

Bad bad bad!

Horrible app. Don't waste your money!

Doesn't work, app crashes every time

I just purchased this app and every time I try to load a pre-recorded video the app crashes. Completely useless. Don't waste your money.

Doesn't work

It'll try to compress the video file but once it gets to the end of the compression the app breaks and sends me back to my iPhone home page.



Works up to 49 secs or less

If your videos over 49 seconds, you'll get a bunch of errors and it won't work. If it's less than 49 seconds then you are good to go.

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